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Food is my true love language and the legacy that I want to leave behind in this world.  I truly believe we can change the world through our kitchens.  Little kitchens and big kitchens across the globe.  By respecting our home, both the body we are born into and the planet we live on, we can make a positive difference. I hope to inspire others to choose kindness and compassion for themselves, other beings and ultimately the life of the planet.  If we can individually and collectively open our awareness, shift our consciousness and raise our vibration, then together we can change the world; one meal at a time, one bite at a time and one kitchen at a time.

My speciality is wholesome, plant-based and allergy-friendly food.  I focus on gluten-free, dairy-free and refined sugar-free dishes made with real ingredients.

Work with me

Let's work together

I would love to collaborate, create and cook with like-minded individuals, brands and businesses for the below services:

Recipe development

Mira specialises in whole foods plant based cooking with a special focus on free from and allergy friendly foods including recipes free from gluten, grains, oils, nuts, dairy and refined sugars.


Cooking classes

Watch this space for country pumpkin cooking classes and Mother City pop ups!


Brand collaborations

Mira is passionate about supporting local and international brands that align with her personal values and ethos of conscious living, plant based nourishment, food sustainability and holistic wellness.


Menu consulting

Mira offers food consulting services to 'veganize' menu offerings and adds diverse free from dishes to mainstream menus in order to cater to the growing consumer demand for plant-based living and allergy-friendly foods.


Product development

Mira offers refinement of already established products or the development of new ones in the plant based and free from food space.


Styling and photography 

Mira has teamed up with the creative and talented photographer and videographer Samantha Lowe from Through Our Lens to offer brands professional styling, photography and videography services.

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