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I was born to two creative beings, my parents are extremely talented entrepreneurs and the inspiration behind my entrepreneurial journey.  My father was a brilliant fashion designer and my mother has worked in fashion, food, art, education, health and wellness.  I come from an interesting family set up as I’m an only child, my parents divorced when I was young but I have 4 sisters and 4 brothers from my parents' other marriages. Growing up in a mixed family has always been hard for me, I never quite felt like I belonged.  Until I found myself in the kitchen, then I knew that was where I was meant to be all along.  The one thing my family and both my parents have taught me and probably the only reason I managed to survive my crazy childhood is LAUGHTER.  It really is the best medicine.  Humour has helped us all to survive the biggest challenges and insane moments, it has brought us closer together.  Laughter is powerful and when combined with love and food it creates absolute magic, especially in the kitchen and at the table.  I would like to invite you to love, laugh and eat with me in your kitchen across the globe.  
Stay tuned for love, laugh, eat cooking classes coming soon 

I hope that wherever you are in your journey and in this world, that I can inspire you to eat more plants and in doing so share my truth, my light and my love with you, from my kitchen to yours.  

The legacy that I want to leave behind in this world, in honour of my beautiful mother, the greatest love I have known, is the legacy of love.


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