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A simple 4-letter word with the power to change the world.  Love has taught me so much in this journey called life.  The hardest but most rewarding part has been learning to love me completely and unconditionally.   My beautiful, graceful and gentle mother has taught me all about love from the youngest age – we both loved ‘love’ and we both loved food, it was our love language for each other and how we shared our love with the world.  We shared, connected, created, played, laughed, cried and celebrated in our kitchen always.  It was the heart of our home and still is.  My love for food was born from a young age and it was a beautiful legacy that my mom shared with me and one that I want to share with the world but with my own spin on it.  It is through my love for food that I show my love for others, food is my true love language and it’s the legacy that I want to leave behind in honour of my mother and for my future children and their future children.  I truly believe we can change the world through our kitchens.  Little kitchens and big kitchens all over the world, saving the planet one kitchen at a time. By respecting our home, both the body we are born into and the planet we live on, we can truly make a difference.  In choosing kindness and compassion we can truly make a difference to our wellbeing, the lives of other beings and ultimately the life of the planet. If we can individually and collectively open our awareness, shift our consciousness and raise our vibration together we can change the world one meal at a time, one bite at a time and one kitchen at a time.  A wise friend once told me that every time we fuel our bodies, we vote for ourselves, let’s make that vote count. Eating more plants is better for your body, animals and the planet.  Choosing plants every day is a commitment to a life of kindness and compassion, a choice to love ourselves and all beings on this Earth.  So whatever your dietary choice is, know that every time you choose plants, compassion and kindness over cruelty, suffering and harm you are choosing LOVE and we really need more love in this world.


I hope that wherever you are in your journey and in this world, that I can inspire you to eat more plants and in doing so share my truth, my light and my love with you, from my kitchen to yours.  

The legacy that I want to leave behind in this world, in honour of my beautiful mother, the greatest love I have known, is the legacy of love.

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