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Mesquite Superfood Espresso Iced Coffee

Serves: 2

Prep time: 5 minutes

3-ingredient superfood iced coffee, the perfect pick me up this summer.

Mesquite Superfood Espresso is a game changer! I love this coffee alternative although I like to think of it more as an elixir packed with nutrients and deliciousness. Mesquite is a tree with the most magical beans, wildly grown in South Africa and then slow-roasted into superfood espresso. Yum!

Mesquite is highly nutritious, has a low glycaemic index and is packed with fibre and protein. It is also rich in omega 3 fatty acids, calcium, lysine, zinc, magnesium, copper and iron. It’s beneficial for high blood pressure, blood sugar levels, has anti-fungal and immune-boosting properties and also increases bone density.

I am a total food snob and I really am okay with that but I’m intrigued by coffee snobs – they’re fascinating creatures. I don’t know enough about coffee, although I used to drink lots of it, I wasn’t well educated in all the different brewing forms. After being caffeine-free for the last 2 years, I feel super fancy with this superfood espresso version haha.

This is the perfect pick me for those afternoon energy dips this summer!


  • 4-6 teaspoons MannaBrew Superfood Espresso

  • 500ml water

  • 400ml oat milk (can sub plant-based milk)

To serve:

  • Ice blocks

  • Date syrup


  1. In learning about coffee, I made a cold-brew style coffee by using cold water and mesquite superfood espresso in a French press and leaving it overnight to infuse.

  2. If you have a little electric frother situation then cold frothed oat milk is a whole vibe – otherwise, you can also blend in a Nutribullet or blender until frothy and creamy.

  3. Place the ice blocks into a glass, pour over the cold coffee and then the frothed oat milk on top. Drizzle the date syrup in and enjoy the deliciousness packed with all the nutritional benefits!


Special thanks to photographer, Samantha Lowe, and food-stylist, Christi Wasserman.


With love,


1 Comment

Dec 11, 2020

I am so thrilled to try this when the summer time comes! A bit chilly for it now in Switzerland :)


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